Postage stamps of the Kyrgyz Republic 2003

80th anniversary of O.Atabekovas birth (1922-1987)
Date: 11.01.03, series of 1 stamp

Olmoshan Atabekovas portrait
315 - number by Kyrgyz catalogue

"10th anniversary of International Association of academy of sciences"
Date: 8.03.03, series of 2 stamps

Emblem of the association, scheme of the atom
316 - number by Kyrgyz catalogue

Emblem of the association
317 - number by Kyrgyz catalogue

Postal labelled envelope "100th centenary of S.A. Chuikov"

quantity of envelope: 50 000
Size of envelope: 110 220 mm
Date: 30.04.2003
Price of stamp on envelope: - 1.50 som

2200 years of the Kyrgyz statehood. The gold and bronze of sakes.
Date: 10.05.00, small sheet of 8 stamps + souvenir sheet of 1 stamp

Special small sheet of 8 stamps the feminine bronze figurine, coin, name plate in the manner of the tiger figurine, statuette with scene deity, golden cockerel, heads of mountain ships, name plate from sheet gild, decorated by pressed scene of the bird, handle combat dagger.
318-325, numbers by Kyrgyz catalogue

Souvenir sheet of 1 stamp (28)- ritual mask from sheet gild
326 - number by Kyrgyz catalogue

125 years of the Bishkek main post-office (1878-2003).
Date: 31.05.03, series of 3 stamps + souvenir sheet of 1 stamp

327 - number by Kyrgyz catalogue

Vehicle and car
328 - number by Kyrgyz catalogue

Railway coach
329 - number by Kyrgyz catalogue

Souvenir sheet of 1 stamp (29)- Building of the Bishkek main post-office
330 - number by Kyrgyz catalogue

2200th anniversary of the Kyrgyz statehood.
The historical personalities.

Date: 20.06.03, small sheet of 10 stamps

Special small sheet of 10 stamps- Barsbek cagan (VII- VIII cc), Alp Salt (IX c.), Muhammed Kyrgyz (XVI c.), Manap biy (XVI c.), Sharban baatyr(XVII c.), Kubatbek biy (XVIII c.), Azhy biy (XVIII c.), Ormon khan (1791- 1854), Alymbek datka (1799- 1862) and Shabdan baatyr (1839- 1912).

331-340, numbers by Kyrgyz catalogue

Issykkul pearl of Kyrgyzstan

Date: 15.08.03, small sheet of 10 stamps+10 labels

Special small sheet of 1 stamps holiday hotel of Rahat, rest home of Raduga, sanatorium of Teltoru, sanatorium of Kyrgyzskoye vzmorye, sanatorium of Tamga, rest home of Solnyshko, rest home of Vityaz, rest home of Akbermet, rest home of Royal beach, rest home of Luchezarnoye poberezhye .
341-350, numbers by Kyrgyz catalogue

"Oriental lunar calendar"
Date: 25.08.03, small sheet of 12 stamps+4 labels
Special small sheet of 12 stamps- there are original specimens, presented with animals of corresponding year of moon calendar, Chinese hieroglyph on the stamp.
351-362, numbers by Kyrgyz catalogue

The state symbols of the Kyrgyz Republic

Date: 4.10.03, series of 3 stamps+ combination of 3 stamps.+ souvenir sheet of 1 stamp

Souvenir sheet of 1 stamp (30). Text of the first written certificate of the Kyrgyz statehood (201 y. B.C.)
366 - number by Kyrgyz catalogue

Combination of 3 stamps flag, anthem, coat of arms of the Kyrgyz Republic

363- 365,

Year of sheep by the East calendar

Date: 30.12.03, series of 1 stamp.

Sheep symbol of 2003
367 - numbers by Kyrgyz catalogue

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