Postage stamps of the Kyrgyz Republic 2007

" The catalogue of postage stamps of Kyrgyzstan (2002-2006)"

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" The catalogue of postage stamps of Kyrgyzstan (2002-2006)"
The present publication is the first addition to catalogue "Postage stamps of Kyrgyzstan (1992-2001)".
Postage stamps and blocks released for 2002-2006 are presented here. Cardinal principles of the building of the catalogue and selection of the philatelic information are preserved.

Year of hog by the East calendar

Date: 27.01.07, series of 1 stamp

Hog symbol of 2006, against ornamental background

481 number by Kyrgyz catalogue
not in sale

The fine arts of Kyrgyzstan

Date: 03.03.07, small sheet of 5 stamps + 1 label

Small sheet of 5 stamps portraits of writer Ch.Aytmatov, actor S.Chokmorov, musitian K. Azykbaev, narrator O.Sultanov and artist J.Djakypov.
482-486, numbers by Kyrgyz catalogue
not in sale

National plays. Jaa atuu.

Date: 05.05.07, series of 1 stamp

Shooting from bow

487 number by Kyrgyz catalogue

50th anniversary of Bishkek-Osh highway

Date: 19.05.07, small sheet of 4 stamps.

Souvenir sheet of 4 stamps (37)- tunnel Tuya-Ashuu, Soosamyr, Ala-Bel and Kok-Bel passes
488- 491, number by Kyrgyz catalogue

488- 491, numbers by Kyrgyz catalogue

Mountain flower. Aigul

Date: 23.06.07, series of 1 stamp + souvenir sheet of 1 stamp

Flower - Aigul
492 number by Kyrgyz catalogue
not in sale

Souvenir sheet of 1 stamp (38) flower Aigul

493 number by Kyrgyz catalogue

7th conference of The Shunhay Committee Organization (SCO)

Date: 16.08.07, small sheet of 6 stamps

Souvenir sheet of 6 stamps (39) state flags of Kazahstan, Kyrgyzsrtan, China, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

494- 499, numbers by Kyrgyz catalogue

The birds of prey in Kyrgyzstan

Date: 17.11.07, souvenir sheet of 6 stamps.

Souvenir sheet of 6 stamps (40)- Golden eagle, sea eagle, gyrfalcon, hawk, kite and .

500- 505, numbers by Kyrgyz catalogue

Letter to Santa

Date: 01.12.07, series of 1 stamp

Santa and birds with letters

506 number by Kyrgyz catalogue

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